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Treatments for Hip Pain

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Having hip pain makes the people uncomfortable and irritable. Most of the time, people with hip pain gets discourage and frustrated since they can’t do anything about it – they can’t avoid it and they are forced to deal with it. Dealing with hip pain is a tough job especially if you are working and tending your family at the same time. Of course you can take a rest when the pain attack but you know that you can’t afford to do it regularly because it can interfere with your work and as well as your salary. In today’s economic recession, the last thing we want is to get a low salary due to many absences because you have hip pain. You might say that you can still go to work and force yourself but you know it is impossible especially when you are really into the situation. Hip pain gets painful than ever when you move such as walking and sitting.

An advertisement about a medicine that says “it’s a big no to get sick” is true. In this case, having body pain such as hip pain is not advisable for you and cannot do you good things. You wanted to give your family a comfortable life and having hip pain will not help you. Resting on other hand is important but you should not do it just because you have hip pain – you should rest because you want to and you deserve it. Rest days should spend together with your family and with smiles – not with a growling look in your face and complaining because of hip pain. For a person with hip pain, a promise of pain relief from hip pain is a piece of heaven that they want to do no matter the price would be. Fortunately, for people with hip pain, there are many treatments that they can do to themselves.

Moreover, you should also consider knowing the cause of the pain and your condition. When you consult with your doctor, make sure that you take some notes with you so when your doctor ask you about your condition such as the intensity of the pain and how long does it last and how many times it attacks you, you can answer  clearly. These things are important because it will help your doctor assess your situation clearly. The good thing with consulting with your doctor is that you get to know the real cause of the problem and you are more confident in dealing with the situation because you know that you are doing the right thing – with the help of course of your doctor’s advice. You can also know the right treatment that you can do for yourself.

The most common dilemma of people is they get confused with what treatment to use simply because they get many tips and advice from people around them. The real problem of people is that they listen too well on the people around them and does not prioritize the doctor’s advice. This might be due to the myth that medical people does not after with the farewell of the people – because they are just after their profits like any other companies. People should not think this way because no people are legally allowed to treat our body rather than our doctors. You should remember that your friend’s situation is not the same with you thus you should not follow their advices always. Different causes of hip pain require different treatment and this should be your basis.

Treatments for Hip Pain

There are many treatments that you can do and the relief for hip pain is always based on the cause of the problem. However, you should take note that the doctor is likely to recommend the least invasive treatment like physical and rehabilitation therapy to alleviate the pain and encourage healing of your condition before resorting to any surgery. Here are some of the most common hip pain relief treatments that you can do.

  • Rest – when you rest for long period of time, you are not allowing your joints to do unnecessary movements that might worsen your case. When you rest, you can reduce the swelling and irritation of the joints. When your job doesn’t allow you to take rest for several days, then you can try breaks for 30 minutes every day to rest your hip joint and muscles and avoid excessive movements. This will allow the pain to subside and protect the affected joint from being overuse. Avoid high impact exercises such as running, jogging, and step aerobics that can strain your hips.
  • Ice Pack Treatment – cooling treatments such as sponge bath and ice packs can help you alleviate the pain and swelling because the cold can practically reduce the constriction of the blood vessels. Furthermore, the ice pack treatment also decreases the likelihood of the cellular damaged by slowing the metabolism. You can place the ice pack on the pain area to get instant relief.
  • Massages – a massage perform by the expert such as licensed therapist will help in relieving the pain while at the same time calming and relaxing your hip muscles. Do not let anyone massage you when they are not licensed because they can harm you rather than do good.
  • Over the counter medications – there are many medicines that can help you achieve pain relief such as pain killers. Always make sure that it is not addictive and does not have harmful side effects.

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