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How to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Back pain is always common for many people. This is because when you move, you are risking yourself to having back pain. However, there are also some instances where back pain is expected such as when you are pregnant. This is a condition on which the woman is carrying her child inside her womb. When a woman is in this stage, she is vulnerable and at risk of experiencing back pain. Why is that? Because a woman’s body is design to carry her weight alone and when you are pregnant, you are allowing yourself to carry another extra weight – and when this happens, you are putting some stressed to the muscles in your back. There might be another reason for back pain but pregnancy is the best reason why you get back pain. When you are pregnant, you are expected to experience back pain.

Back is a very common issue during pregnancy because of the extra pressure that your body has to bear because of the weight in your front area. The weight is not just because of the baby but as well as from the bloated breast of the mother. Apart from that, when you are pregnant you can’t seem to find the best perfect location and position when you slept and when you sit. Sleeping and sitting in the wrong position can cause you to suffer back pain. Most women feel back pain during this stage of their life and they can’t seem to do anything with it. The problem with pregnant women is that they are not possible to use treatment such as using over the counter medication because it might harm their babies. Most pregnant women want their treatments to be as natural as possible. After all, the mother should ensure not only her health and safety but as well as the health condition of the baby too. Often times, back pain attacks pregnant women because of some hormonal changes in their body and as well as the structural change.

Treatment for Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant and feeling pain in your back, there is only one thing that you want – to get rid of the pain. Of course, you are already uncomfortable with your situation and thus you don’t want another addition to it. But because back pain in pregnant women is always expected, you have to know some effective treatment that does not involve any unnatural treatment and uses. Here are those:

  • Heat Application – when you apply heat into the pain area, the pain will likely to subside because of the one signal policy that our brain imposes. When we are in pain, our nerve will send pain signals over our brain and that is the time too that we feel the pain. However, if you put in other signal such as heat signals, then your brain will not read the pain signals as it is also said that pain signals are the signals that are less read by the brain. Apart from that, the heat also relaxes the muscles and this will eventually lead to reducing the pain.
  • Ice Application – applying ice or cold in the pain area will numb the pain thus giving you some comfort. Put the ice application for at least 30 minutes and this will guarantee you some comfort.
  • Hot bath – taking a long hot bath is the same with applying heat all over your body. But because you can possibly take hot bath with you anytime and anywhere, then heat application is a good choice. But when you are just at home, then taking a hot bath will surely give you comfort. Hot bath will relax your body as well as your muscles too. You can also used Epsom salts and aromatherapy to make the hot bath more relaxing and comforting.
  • Massage – nothing can beat the effectiveness of massage. Sometimes, a soothing back massage can be the perfect solution for your back pain and because it is also the best way to relax your stressed muscles.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – due to the weight gain during the short period of time, pregnant women walk differently and thus, wearing comfortable shoes will help you deal with the back pain that might be caused by wrong walking style. Avoid wearing high heels shoes as it might posed dangers for you.

Most of the time, after you have given birth to your child, the back pain will not also ceased in an instant because there are also post back pain caused after pregnancy and these are:

  • Breastfeeding – this position can also be hard on your back. Because you have to slouch down to be able to feed your baby, you are expected to have back pain. When breastfeeding, it is important that you find a good position – do not slouch or round your shoulders as it can put pressure to your back muscles. A good posture during breast feeding will let you get rid of back pain.
  • Carrying and lifting the infant – when you get your infant, you pull your body forward and in the process, your back muscles will be forced to support you so it will lead to back pain too. To avoid this situation, you should switch sides and position when carrying the baby. Also avoid, carrying the baby in one hip as it can throws your posture out and out of alignment.

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